About us:

We are a family owned and operated business. Our mobile locksmith has been serving greater Phoenix Valley since 2001.

Our goal is to provide reliable, courteous and reasonably priced work for every customer in the the East Valley.

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Residential & rekeying

Are you the owner of a home or office that needs new locks ($10 each) or door repairs? Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Service Area

Our technicians are ready for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our service area includes Apache Junction and all the way up to Mesa and Chandler.

After your call, it usually only takes a few minutes for one of our locksmiths to be on their way.

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Emergency locksmith in Apache Junction AZ

superstition-mountains-skyline-apache-junction-arizona-usa-metroshot-photograph Emergencies may happen anytime in life and you never know when you may have to face one. We all may have faced situations where we lost the key of our car or home and in such a scenario a skilled Locksmith is the person you need. You should have the contact details of a reliable professional in your phone book, so that you can call for help when faced with an emergency situation. Locksmith AJ & Co has skillful professionals and are always trying to improve themselves to give best service to their customers. They prioritize the safety of customers by providing immediate help in case of an emergency. You can trust them to help you keep your home, office and valuable belongings safe and secure. Here are the reasons why we are the best local choice: Professional and Well Trained The workers are well trained and possess the necessary skills and experience to handle all type of security situations efficiently. The best part is they are honest and make a sincere effort to provide best service for customers. You may have lost your keys or have a damaged lock or any other kind of emergency but you can trust these locksmith to help you with an efficient service. apache-junction-locksmithWhen you hire an Apache Junction locksmith you can be rest assured of getting top quality service which has maximum safety features that can be expected. Our craftsmen are aware of the customer's needs and do their best to ensure maximum safety and security of their house office or car. They ensure that everything is working fine after they finished their work so that you don;t have to call them again. When the safety needs of your property and belongings are fulfilled it gives you peace of mind and makes you feel relaxed. Best Protection People invest their hard earned money to buy a house or car and would like to provide the best protection available to it. An experienced locksmith can be you best companion to ensure the best protection is provided to your house, office and car. A well trained craftsman provides you with necessary advice to ensure best security for your valuable material possessions. They have the necessary knowledge and are aware of the latest updates in the world of security systems. You should therefore seek their advice to get the best security systems for your home and office. replace-door-lock-cylinderEmergency situations can pop up out of nowhere and Locksmith Apache Junction can be of best help in such a situation. You should leave a spare key with someone you trust so that you can get that in case you lose your key and are locked out of your house or car. Our technicians are knowledgeable and trained with the latest technologies so that they can provide you with best service to meet the security needs of your house, car or office. The key is not to panic when faced with an emergency situation and seek professional help from a locksmith who has the right skills and experience to help you when you need them.  

The problem with electronic car keys

We have all had that moment of panic when we go to look for our car key, and to our dismay find out that it’s not where we had first thought. Before 1990, this wasn't really that big of a deal. Most local places like Ace Hardware or The Home Depot had ways to cheaply and quickly duplicate keys. If all else failed, you could also go to the dealership and have a duplicate created. However, with auto theft on the rise, keys are now more technologically advanced. It can be a pain to get it replaced, and also quite expensive. To give you a better idea, here’s a list of different keys and what they might run you should you end up needing one in the future. Keep in mind that these are only estimates, and the actual price may vary by where you live the kind of car you drive, etc.


Simple Keys and FOB

Simple car keys are both quickly and inexpensively replaced. Any regular locksmith or home improvement store should be able to replace it for as low as $3 in a lot of cases. There is no model specific information needed. Just head on in and get it taken care of! If you absolutely feel it necessary to have the emblem of the car manufacturer on the key, you can always go to the dealership, however prepare to pay a premium price for this.

If you lose the fob, or key-less entry as some people call it, the dealership will usually charge you upwards of $100 to replace it. If it has to be programmed you might run into some labor costs for the dealership to do this for you. If you want to save some money, look online for cheap generic key fobs, and also for instructions on how to do so. It’s not always easy, but sometimes it can even be found in the owner’s manual.

Later in the 90’s, vehicles started coming equipped with transponder keys. All you need to know is that this key contains a chip in the head of the key that sends a signal to the vehicle telling it whether or not this is the correct key. If it doesn't match, the car will not start. There are multiple variations of these types of keys, so the best bet is to consult with the dealership on how to go about replacing these, and get a price quote. Once you've done this, call your local locksmith and see if they are able to do it cheaper, which they usually are since they have the equipment and don’t charge the dealer premium. Expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $200 if you need a replacement for these types of keys. You can also order the basic key devoid of the transmitter, which will come in handy should you ever lock your keys in your car, but it will not start the car.

We strongly suggest that you consider investing in a spare key sooner than later, as it is much easier to bargain shop and operate from a position of power, rather than it being an emergency that you have to remedy the same day! The consequences can be quite annoying, as if you lose all the keys to your vehicle, you’ll be forced to have it towed to a dealership where it can be as high as $1,000 to get the locks on your vehicle swapped out.


Customer quote:
"I can't believe it; this is the first time I have had locksets re-keyed where the new keys work as good or better than brand new sets you buy at HD or Lowes. Normally remade keys don't work well, but yours are ALL perfect." - Chris B.